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We are a firm believer that stucco is the right answer to finish homes and commercial buildings when it’s done right. Over the years, we’ve been called in to repair all sorts of surfaces, and we’ve seen some poor work. You might not believe that tiny cracks or sagging is anything to worry about, but when it starts, things can only get worse. Please do not wait for water damage or mold to ruin your walls, so it has to be torn down and redone. Call Bakersfield Stucco to come over and do an evaluation before we can do something about it. We have a great team of experts that have a lot of experience gleaned from previous jobs. We have also been providing stucco services to the Bakersfield area for many years. As a licensed and insured contractor, we guarantee quality workmanship on your projects at really cost-effective rates. We will even throw in free consultation and estimate after assessing the property and what needs to be done. The team also appreciates your thoughts and wants you to give your ideas about the current problems you’re facing and how to go around them. It gives transparency and helps everyone be on the same page. To this day, our goal continues to be to find individual solutions that work for each of our clients!

About Us

We’ve already started out by saying a little bit about ourselves. As we mentioned, stucco has been our pride for many years. One of the main reasons we are still in this business is that we love what we do, and we love the challenges that each stucco project can present. We do not take any of our jobs for granted and truly feel privileged to service the Bakersfield community. We have put a lot of hard work and dedication into earning the reputation of one of Bakersfield’s most highly rated stucco companies. Let us “wow” you with our customer service, quality of work, and fair prices. Give us a call today!

Our Services

There are a ton of services we offer, as you can imagine. All of them are related to the setup or care of stucco surfaces. We’re going to be using different types of stucco on the jobs that we undertake. At the same time, we’re going to be able to repair all sorts of existing stucco surfaces. As was mentioned before, we understand that each finish is unique in its own right. One of our primary goals is to make clients feel and see the finish that we provided for them is exceptional.

Give us a call today to learn more, and one of our friendly customer service representatives will get your free stucco estimate!

Residential Stucco Installation

Stucco will reduce the heating bills as well, with reduced heat transfer going through the walls. The material is quite versatile as well. If you need to renovate or upgrade the house, our team can apply the stucco over the wood framing or masonry. For siding replacement, it is easy to place a lath and apply stucco over it. Unlike other siding types, if done well, stucco will not flake or degrade over time.

We take great pride in earning the reputation of one of the most reputable stucco contractors in all of Bakersfield. Countless homeowners have called on our team to apply stucco to their homes when the job needs to be done correctly. We are very familiar with the process of applying interior plastering services and exterior stucco that will last for many years to come.

We serve the entire Bakersfield community and have a large team of stucco contractors who can get to your home stucco project in a reasonable amount of time. If you are concerned about the cost to apply stucco to your home, give us a call, and we can arrange a free, no obligations quote for your project.

Commercial Stucco Installation

Many property owners have gravitated to stucco installation because the process is fast, and it has provided excellent results. Unlike other exteriors such as brick or stone, commercial stucco installation lasts days. Even if several layers have to be applied for an adequate barrier, the result is durable and will last for several years. In the same vein, several insurance companies also recognize the advantages of commercial stucco siding as it utilizes longer-lasting material. That means you would probably get a reduction on the payable premiums, and that’s something saved for the business.

Stucco should be perceived as something of a concrete shell for the business. That helps in making the structure more energy-efficient and would be resistant to the common problems of harsh weather and rotting. A good stucco installation props up the business’s value considering the high quality and durable nature of the material. That adds to the resale value, which is a good bonus for business owners. If you need to change the location of the business and have to sell the property, having a high-quality stucco installation will afford high leverage with prospective buyers.
Commercial stucco also has the uncanny ability to reduce the levels of noise coming into the structure. So if you are tired of hearing vehicles on the street because of the walls’ quality, Bakersfield Stucco in California are the right guys.

The soundproofing qualities may also afford more privacy so that you can make more noise without having to disturb the neighbors. It also safeguards conversations that would otherwise have to be whispered or shouted across the room. It should be emphasized at this level that the service ought to be done by professionals. Installing stucco should not be treated the same way as normal surfaces. One of the main reasons customers opt for our commercial services is to help upgrade their business aesthetics. It is certainly going to result in higher attraction to the business so they will be able to bring in new clients.

As a business, we also understand our customers’ need to attain the right balance of costs. Most customers want effective solutions that give them value for money, which is achieved at Bakersfield CA Stucco. Our unique pricing will allow you a better margin for utilities due to its economical nature. We have a team capable of handling large-scale projects in the same manner as they do small-scale fixtures. We have enough guys as part of our regular crew to get the job done. Bakersfield CA Stucco fully understands commercial stucco projects require precision, accuracy, and timely services to meet various building and re-modeling deadlines that your company may be facing. Even if you find a stucco contractor offering a lower price, our team is probably better equipped for the largest installation projects and will ensure your investment is protected

Sandblast & Re-Stucco

Once the sandblasting is done, we can think about adding a new texture and coloring. As we keep mentioning, each stucco finish is going to feature unique characteristics. The fire resistance attributes of the commercial stucco options from Bakersfield CA Stucco show this is the right choice for your business.

The increase of wildfires in California has made it pertinent to have fire-resistant material to reduce structural damage significantly. Our team of qualified contractors is available at any time to provide consultation services and an estimate, depending on your preferences. They will also give you an accurate appraisal of the damage if any, so you would be in a position to determine whether sandblasting is needed.

The team at Bakersfield Stucco is a firm believer in integrity and professionalism in service. Our rates are also surprisingly cost-effective. Both commercial and residential clients are surprised to learn how affordable the services are compared to other platforms. We also honor the quotes upon agreement on the project terms so that you can count on us for affordable sandblasting and re-stucco services.

Stucco Removal

Stucco as a material is not incredibly complex. If you need the stucco removed, there is a chance it is made up of traditional concrete blends instead of malleable materials in the modern types currently. Traditional stucco is made to last decades, though the good news is the removal will be straightforward, and our team is more than capable of doing an excellent job of it.

A lot of the time, stucco issues come from improper installation. Installers that are not experienced tend to issue rush jobs because they do not allow enough time to pass between the coats. When the drying time is insufficient, then it is not going to sit the right way. The other potential issue is attributed to the wrapping of the home with weatherproofing. When it is not done adequately, the wrap may not end up protecting the foundation of the home, so moisture starts to seep in, leading to water damage. There are several warning signs to know if stucco removal is required.

If the cracking is minor over time, then that is not something to fuss about, though cracks wider than a 16th of an inch should be investigated. Some cracks spread out in the form of a web, and these also need a closer look. Gaps may also be there near the door and window frames. These are bad news as they allow for water-flow and worsen latent issues. As always, mold is a dead giveaway for moisture, which does not mix with stucco in any way.

Removal of defective stucco from the walls will always pay off when you need to sell the business or home. Walls without the stucco may not necessarily increase the value of the home, but removing problematic material could significantly increase the marketability. Similarly, marketable home trends may retain more interest and sell faster. They may also collect more of the original asking price.

Stucco Painting

The stucco surface area is far different from traditional siding or interior drywall, which ultimately requires a different paint technique. Providing thick, rich coats of paint is integral for painting stucco or plastering, which is why we offer it as an add-on to our services. Stucco painting affords several advantages. For one, it covers stains as painting stucco will block water and rust stains, so they do not appear for several years. It also fills the hairline cracks. Painting the walls with high-quality options will fill these cracks. Our team of experienced contractors will need to fill those large cracks in stucco with masonry patching or caulk before painting.

As stucco is porous, the crack filler would have to be flexible to present a better look. Painting stucco also seals out the moisture. While it may be true that stucco tends to be absorbent, painting using the right materials can make sure it remains waterproof. Manufacturers have special exterior painting options for stucco, so it is much more weather resistant. Preventing moisture infiltration will make the residence or commercial property retain its aesthetic for years to come.

To avoid different shades of color on your walls, we try and finish the job as soon as possible, so they are done in as few sittings as possible. We do not just paint the areas that need it but the entire wall. Even before and during the painting sessions, the walls are closely inspected to identify pests, cracks, and mold before the problem gets worse. We also employ different styles depending on the efficiency following scrubbing. Stucco paint can be rolled or sprayed on. The latter may be faster though it does not always issue the most coverage. The right application of high-quality paint can last the stucco for over two decades without blistering or peeling. The longevity depends on environmental factors, so it is advisable to inspect the stucco every few years to see if a repaint is needed.

When choosing a residential or commercial stucco painter, you want to be sure the team cares about your property and the result. Before embarking on the stucco painting project, it is crucial to assess the damage and where you would like to improve. It can be done collaboratively with our personnel to help achieve the best results. There are many excellent stucco painting companies out there, but we prefer to do our work, especially if we had the privilege of applying the stucco to your residential or commercial building. By seeing the job through to the end, we can ensure that the quality of work we provide will be evident for many years to come.

Stucco Repair

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