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Stucco is such a unique way to finish walls that we just decided that it was essentially what we were going to devote all of our livelihood to. That can seem like a very strong thing to say. We did make the decision though to stick with stucco as our core business and there are a couple of reasons for that. We felt that we could of course provide more services and maybe even give folks the opportunity to book different types of finishes from us. The stucco world though is so extensive in the sense that we’re able to create so many different types of unique finishes with similar stucco tactics. At the same time, there are different types of stucco that we can use. Therefore, we never really feel that we’re doing the exact same job twice.

There is a very strict process that goes into creating stucco walls. At least we are a company that likes to follow the process religiously if you will. To be honest, the only way that we’re able to provide consistent results is to follow building protocols that are set by the local codes first of all. Also, following our own rules. You can’t break your own rules right? We’re a company that you can rely on, on a consistent basis. That’s why we’re very confident about the type of jobs that we’re able to provide. If you want to have us help you give us a call or contact us!



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Bakersfield, CA, USA

Bakersfield Stucco Pros

Bakersfield, CA