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With all of our clients, we go over the process that has to take place to set up stucco virtually anywhere. We need to decide what type of stucco is going to be used. When you make this decision you have to take into account the type of finish that you’re going for. At the same time, you have to know what main challenges the surface is going to be facing. A lot of the botched installations that we’ve seen can be traced back to improper planning which led to the use of cheap materials in the process. It goes without saying, but this is something that we’re going to be able to help you avoid.

Choosing The Right Type Of Stucco

In a commercial project, the last thing that you’re going to want to do is cut corners. You have to set up stucco according to local building codes to make sure that you don’t get in trouble down the line. We know the local code thanks to the fact that we’ve been working here for so many years. Therefore, you’re not going to have a problem on that end. Now, we’re not saying that you can’t use synthetic stucco, but if you’re going to use it you need to make sure that it’s properly set up.

Why Use Stucco When You Can Stick To Regular Drywall?

Is regular drywall cheaper than a stucco finish? Yes, does that mean that all commercial projects should conform to it? Well, we certainly don’t think so. Stucco can give you unique textures and coloring on both interior and exterior walls. If you want that type of look for your building then you really should think about this type of finish. While it could take a little longer to install these are things that we can work out before we commit to any project.

Can Stucco Be Installed In All Sorts Of Walls?

That’s actually one of the main benefits that you’re going to be able to obtain with stucco. You can get that unique texture and coloring on both interior and exterior walls. You won’t have to worry all that much about moisture and therefore mold issues down the line when stucco is properly set up. Particularly because we’re adding more protection against moisture issues when we apply stucco on certain walls. We could pretty much say that you can have a stucco finish on every single wall out there.

Making It A Swift & Effective Process

Many people end up shying away from adding stucco as a finish on their property because it essentially takes a little bit longer to apply. That’s true, but then again because it takes a little longer you’re just going to have dull-looking walls all over the place? If speed is your main concern we believe that there are ways to remedy that particularly sending a good number of workers to get the job done. We can provide a great looking finish without necessarily taking up excessive amounts of time.



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