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There are a lot of different levels of stucco repairs just as there are a bunch of different layers in stucco itself. When we’re called in to handle a repair the first thing that we need to agree upon is the extent of the damage that we’re looking at. One of the first things that we do with clients that give us a call about these types of services is to congratulate them. Many folks will jump straight to repainting the surface because that will almost certainly rejuvenate it. With stucco, repainting is most often just one part of a repair or renovation process.

Initial Assessment

If you’ve read through some of the other pages on the site you know that there are essentially different levels of damage that your stucco could have. The first thing that we need to do if you want to have it repaired is to evaluate the existing condition. If you just let us know from the start that you want to have it removed and redone we can do that as well. When we talk about searching for damage though it’s a little more complex than just counting the number of cracks. What we are particularly concerned with, are moisture issues and even pest problems that could be eating away at the stucco.

Sealing & Repainting

When we find that the stucco wall is actually not that battered we could get it back to full strength by filling up all of the cracks that we find and repainting the entire area. This is a good idea because it allows you to get the most out of the original stucco installation. While at the same time giving you an opportunity to spice things up a bit with new vibrant colors in your home or business. We would understand though if you were looking for a more extensive facelift if you just don’t like the way that the area looks anymore.

What Happens When I Have Major Moisture Damage?

If you have mold or other signs of major moisture damage what we can do first of all is make sure that we remove all of the stucco. In some cases, we’re going to have to go in and remove the insulation and get the whole place down to the framework. If there is major damage to the house we’d be more than happy to work alongside other colleagues that specialize in mold removal, and restoration. If we need extra help we’ll let you know right away. If your stucco cannot be properly repaired, it may be time to consider removing your stucco. We can also help with that for residential and commercial properties.

Get A Quick Budget On The Project

Any project that you undertake has to make sense design-wise and of course financially. We know that one of the first things that people want to know is how much each service is going to cost. As we’re sure you understand each service is unique because we can’t know ahead of time the size of the wall, the amount of damage on the wall, the type of repair that you’re looking for, and so on. Give us a call through to give us a better idea about what you need so that we can give you a better idea of what it could cost.



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