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When we come across a surface that is just too damaged by water, termites, or whatever it may be the best, and at times the only choice is to go ahead and remove as much of the original stucco as we can. When we’re dealing with moisture issues we’re most likely forced to dig in deep and make sure that we remove all of the pieces that are affected. Once we’ve completed the removal process you’re going to have a whole ‘nother set of decisions to make. Particularly with regards to what you would like to do know with the wall.

How Much Stucco Do You Want To Remove?

If we’re dealing with old stucco we could potentially just sandblast the whole area and the result is going to be a smooth base that you can potentially work with. There are certainly instances though where you want to go all the way down to the frame and the wall insulation. If that is the case we can scrape and tear down parts of the wall. In short, we’re going to be able to remove as much of the existing structure as you need us to. One of the important aspects in all of this is making sure that you have a clear idea in mind when it comes to the type of finish that you want.

How Long Is Stucco Meant To Last?

If you can believe it stucco is meant to last up to 50 years or even more. You do have to read the fine print though and you can bet there we’re not a company that’s going to tell you our stucco lasts hundreds of years. Stucco outdoors of course is going to have a tougher time holding up than stucco indoors. Just because it’s exposed to the elements. That being said if you constantly repair stucco it can last for longer periods of time before you have to actually remove it.

I Want To Get Another Type Of Finish Done

If your reason for removing the existing stucco finish is to essentially move towards another style there are different ways that we’re going to be able to help you. Of course, we’re going to be able to remove all of the existing stucco and make sure that we smoothen out the surface as much as we can. From there we could, of course, re-stucco, but if you want to have another company come in and provide a unique finish we’re on board with that as well.

Why Do I Need To Hire Professionals For Tear Down Duty?

It’s just tear down duty. Why would you need to spend extra money on hiring pros? Well, if you want to have a chance to restore the area it’s a good idea to hire professionals because if you bring in junk removal people or you do it yourself you may be taking away too much. Doing that can make the repair process much tougher. Sure, if you’re just destroying everything it wouldn’t make much sense to call.



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