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Not all of the issues that we find in stucco surfaces are going to be rooted so deep to where we’re going to have to remove essentially the entire façade. Sometimes when the outer layer just starts looking dull and starts filling with cracks it can be a good idea to update it. If you want to do something that is a bit more extensive than just repainting you can sandblast the top layer of the stucco off and then essentially redo the finish. This is certainly a process that has to be done carefully to make sure that we don’t go in too deep.

Is Sandblasting Always The Best Way To Get Rid Of Stucco?

We get this question quite a bit, so we thought that we would address it. Certainly, there are instances where sandblasting may not be as quick of a process as it is essentially meant to be. If we’re dealing with a wall that really has not gone through a lot of wear and tear and is still in good shape removing the top stucco layer is going to be a little bit more of a challenge. You can rest assured that we’ll recommend sandblasting only in structures where we feel the procedure can be highly effective.

We Usually Go Over The Full Process

A lot of people want to know if it’s possible to re-stucco almost entirely over the existing stucco or just repaint the surface. There are instances where you can do this. For the most though, we believe that the best way to get top results is to scrape or sandblast the existing stucco off and then re-stucco and paint. If you want to skip steps in the process or you’re in a bit of a hurry to get the job done, let us know to see if we can work something out.

How Often Would I Need To Re-Stucco?

Some folks that have seen stucco walls coming apart want to trash stucco finishes as unreliable and not durable. That’s not exactly the case. For example, stucco indoors can last north of 50 years with pretty much minimal maintenance that’s going to be limited to sealing and re-painting the area. You can indeed expect a stucco finish to last a bit less outdoors. You can get a good decade out of the finish though. Especially if you repaint the stucco a couple of times within that span. Most of the major overhaul work that we end up doing is on surfaces that have been more or less abandoned.

Take The Chance To Bring Your Walls Back To Life

You’re already thinking about tearing down the existing finish on the wall, why put up the same type of look that you already had? If you want to take the opportunity to give your walls a unique finish as you re-stucco then you’re in the right spot. Give us a call or contact us and figure out what we may be able to do for you!



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