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Stucco is still a very reliable material to cover homes with indoors and outdoors. As we always say the key is knowing what type of finish you’re going for before you start. From there, you’ll be able to pick the right type of materials and follow specific procedures that can get you to where you need to be. Our goal as a company is essentially, to help you along this process. Helping you specifically choose the right type of stucco that not only matches the look that you’re going for, but we’ll be durable enough for what you need.

At What Point Do You Need To Start Thinking About Stucco?

Stucco can be applied over wood frame walls with relative ease. If you’re building a home you probably already know what type of walls you want to be set up. If you don’t know and you’re actually trying to figure out what type of wall to build or more precisely how you want the wall finished then we can certainly help you explore the world of stucco. A stucco finish can be applied to wood-frame walls and poured concrete walls so you can put stucco virtually anywhere. You probably need to have the finish in mind before you even start building your house, but if you want to mix things up we can help.

Interior & Exterior Finishes

We can help you set up a stucco wall on the inside of your home or the outside. What’s the difference? Well, the way that we place the stucco could vary because we may be placing stucco on top of different types of walls. In any case, one of our main concerns is going to be to ensure that we’re able to waterproof the area correctly to give you a long-term solution. In wooden frames we were going to use waterproofing paper as the layer above the stucco to avoid moisture issues. We also offer top of the line stucco painting services as well!

Why Stucco?

Most people chose stucco because they like the textures and the colors that this type of finish can provide. For the most part, stucco does provide a unique texture to walls. You can add texture to regular drywall, but you don’t get the same effect that you do with stucco. Also, it can be much more durable. Stucco is not going to be as vulnerable to moisture as other surfaces. That’s one of the main reasons why you can find these types of walls outdoors. We can certainly go on and on.

Helping You Create Unique Finishes

Some people are under the impression that stucco is just a type of finish that is always going to yield the same type of results. With this logic, all stucco walls are going to be meant to look the same. That’s just not true. There are a lot of unique results that we can obtain in texture and coloring through stucco finishes. Therefore, we obviously want to know what you have in mind and what you would like your walls to look like.



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